Sample PhotoWhat is your Mission?

Tony believes every one of us has an athlete inside of us – not necessarily to play sports, but a mind, body and spirit that wants to thrive, move, and be healthy.  ‘That’ is an athlete. 

Every one of us has a mission.  Something that was instilled in us at some point that provides us a positive direction and adds meaning to our lives.  For Tony, that mission has always involved exercise, sports, competition, and a general desire to make the most of what he’s been given physically.  For him, it transcends just “exercise.”  It touches every part of his life and cements his thinking.

Our bodies are set up for the randomness of life.  We are born to move.  We are designed for flexibility and grace, strength, power and speed.  Sometimes, however, this wonderful design can get away from us through disuse, injury, age, or the pace of life.  But you can get it back.

Tony loves training athletes. People from all walks of life that want to get better - Tony connects with people like that.  If you’re a world class athlete, that’s great. Tony has competed with people like you and he loved every minute.  If you’re competing in the senior games, he has great admiration for you.  Maybe someday you’ll compete together.  If you’re a weekend warrior that’s getting ready to do the Tough Mudder he applauds you.

Tony gears his training to be demanding, fun, varied, and stimulating.  Nothing wrecks training faster than the same old thing done over and over.  You’ll be more consistent if you have fun and can see yourself reaching your goals.  He tailors training to meet you where you are physically and to take you where you want to go.